24 Jun 2016

Found An Old Scrapbook in the Attic

My sister was up in the attic again, and this week she found one of my childhood scrapbooks. It was from 1977 the year of the Queens Silver Jubilee. I was a crafter even back then ! It was one of those old fashioned childrens scrapbooks made out of sugar paper.

On the first page I had glued some Silver Jubilee ribbon down the side and pasted what must have been pictures from magazines of the perfect Silver Jubille dinner table !

The second page was more interesting it included an iron on Silver Jubilee badge which was apparently free with a newspaper, and a milk bottle top decorated with a crown and text saying Silver Jubilee. In those days milk used to actually come in bottles and it was delivered to your door by a milkman! The birds often used to peck through the silver tops for a free morning drink! On this page I also included a celebration postage stamp.

It is all in remarkably good condition, I am sure it is not acid or lignen free, but it has survived all these years unscathed, better than me actually!

Hope you all have a good weekend. What an historic day it was today for our Great Country.


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