13 Aug 2022

In Memory of Raymond Briggs

 I don’t think anyone could imagine Christmas without The Snowman, he is an intrinsic part of Christmas. Raymond Briggs gave the world The Snowman, Snowdog, The Bear, Fungus the Bogey Man, When the Wind Blows, and Ethel and Ernest. We are all so grateful for his talent and imagination. 

I have made these two tags in his memory.

Thank you for visiting, take care it is very hot here at the moment xx


4 Aug 2022

Mini book Soul Whispers

I recently took part in a Facebook swap to create a mini book which would fit into the palm of your hand. I don’t think I’ve ever made a book that tiny before! I used water colour paper for the cover and, pages and also scraps of patterned paper for pages. 

I die cut some hearts to make into balloons.

A little pocket holds a mini tag 

I used one of my bubble backgrounds for a page

All of my images were stamped and watercoloured.

I included a little pocket in the centre pages to hold a little surprise 

There are lots of fun swaps and challenges on Facebook. 

My pages were 5cm x5 cm 

The recipient of my little book thankfully loved it, and the one I received in return was just brilliant too. 

The final page. 

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day xx

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