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5 Jan 2018


Pegasus has flown to the  Indigoblu blog today, to wish you all a very happy and magical New Year.
I love the new Pegasus Stamp, he is just gorgeous and there are so many different ways to use him, so 
I think he will be featuring a lot in my future projects!  Please visit the Indigoblu blog if you would like more details about how I made this card.

I would like to enter Pegasus into the following challenges,
Emerald Creek Dares  New to you the lovely Pegasus is new to me 

26 Mar 2016

Old pastels

Last year my sister found my old wooden box of pastels in the attic. They are well over 30 years old. Today I tried them out to see if they are still ok....and they are! More then 3 decades later and they are still perfect, amazing!

When I picked them up I reflected on how very much my life has changed since the last time I used them.

I am getting used to the feel of them again, and started on a portrait, I'm not very good but I will persevere.


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