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26 Apr 2019

Foil Quill

Hello how are you today? 

Exciting news yesterday my Foil Quill finally arrived. I purchased it in January from a UK store.Sadly the manufacturer supplied one of the tv craft channels with all of their stock so there was none left for the small retailers who had taken preorders! I always support small UK stores so I waited.

The Foil Quill adds foiling to your projects without any of the usual mess involved in foiling! It comes with  four adopters to use with the Silhouette, Brother, Cricut, or Sizzix die cutting machines. I purchased just one of the stylus tip pens in the standard size, but there is one finer, and one thicker available  too.  I also purchased some 6 x 4 foil sheets. I soon learned that this made it a little difficult to calculate the size of my image or word to make sure it fitted on the sheet! I will be buying some foil rolls  : ) 

Installing the stylus was easy enough but it has a very short lead, and I had to use a plug extension to put it in. I am going to look into getting a usb power bank as it would also be good to have for my phone too. 

I used washi tape to hold down the foil, unfortunately on one occasion I had a accidentally used 2 sheets together as they are very thin and tend to stick together. I loved the results, and made a few different images. It was really quite quick to complete. It was only a short first play, but I am sure that I will be experimenting with it some more, and using other colour combinations.

I was very happy with the results, and it was easy to install and use. I just need to be more exact with my measuring ! 

Thank you for stopping by xxx

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