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8 Jul 2015

Clear Stamp Storage Solution

I had a  splendid stamp binder which I think was made by Papermania. It's zipper broke last week
 ( probably caused by overfilling!) and since then I have been trying to find a better solution for storing my treasured stamps. 

I decided to try an Ez Mount binder, which arrived today ( you have to buy separate page inserts too) The stamps stick directly to the pages, although some of my stamps were playing up and wouldn't  stick. So  I gave them a little bath, and then they were fine.

My stamps enjoying a bath

The only problem I have found with the new binder is that all the stamps which had happily lived  in my original binder won't fit in the new one.

Ez Mount Binder
So I am now not sure whether to buy another Papermania binder, and hope the zip doesn't break again or get another Ez Mount one. The price is about the same. By the time I have saved for  one I may have decided.......

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