24 Apr 2019

Quiet Blogland and Jazz centre cards

A small selection of my music themed cards are on sell at The Jazz Centre UK. It is based in Southend, and it’s mission is to promote, preserve, and celebrate the culture of Jazz in all of its forms. It is enthusiastically run by Digby Fairweather, trustees, and volunteers.  

Thank you for visiting today. Blog land is very quiet recently. I know several companies have closed their blogs as they no longer generate enough money. Social media has very much taken over. The google + removal has caused me some problems and lost followers, so I will see how it goes. I have been blogging for many years now. It would be a shame to stop altogether, my health isn’t so good, so I often go long periods without posting. 

I will have to wait and see.....

Best wishes xx


  1. Hello Jannet, I love your jazz themed cards, the images are brilliant. My hubby loves jazz as do I and we go to the Edinburgh Jazz festival in July each year and have a ball.
    I don't do social Media now, much prefer blogging, but it is quite, be I think sometimes peoples real lives takes over, I'd stick with it when you can, take care, Kate x

  2. Great selection of music cards -it is pretty quiet with challenges closing too but I would much rather blog than social media-which I am only on because of the DTs I am in
    Carol x

  3. I love your cards. I've noticed social media is e everywhere now. I normally use face book to look for inspiration (that's how I found you through a link from another I think lol ) and follow challenges. Like you I have ILL health and on my bad days I spend them on FB just to pass the time. I really want to start my own blog but just for storing my cards on there for somewhere to store pictures of them lol. I hope you don't give up your blog as I'm sure you love it and if people don't leave messages it doesn't mean there not looking, they may be looking at your goodies for inspirarion, and don't like to comment. I didn't know google+ had gone. I'll have to see where my pictures are lol. Anyway, take care x


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