2 Feb 2019

Animal Requiem

I was so happy to be able to go to the Animal Requiem at St Johns Church, Piccadilly. To watch the breathtaking service to honour all of our animal friends whom are no longer with us. Just a few days prior I was in hospital on oxygen after a medical procedure did not go very well. I was determined to attend in memory of My Tammy who died almost 19 years ago, I still miss her every day. 

Animal Requiem

I pinned her photo on the special Rembrance Board

I lit a candle for Tammy and my friends dog Charlie.

Alfie Boe was superb, the Requiem ended with him singing a reworking of “Blackbird” originally by The Beatles.
Rachel Fuller wrote the Requiem to honour and remember all of the beloved animals who are no longer with us.

The Altar

This is Tammy and myself many years ago. I had just come out of hospital, I had been in a coma from which I was not expected to survive. The drs told my mother to keep talking to me as I may be able to hear her. She talked to me about Tammy, Tammy, Tammy. I eventually came out of the coma, the prognosis for my future was not good, but I have lived much longer than expected. 

The Animal Requiem can be downloaded from iTunes, and there are lots of videos from the service on You Tube. 

I only have one hospital appointment next week, so I can hopefully get back to some crafting.Wishing my crafting friends a lovely crafting week xxx


  1. What a comfort the service must have been Jannet, our pets really do become part of our lives even when they are no longer around to share it. Those of us that have fond memories are truly blessed to have them to hold onto.
    Good to know you are out of hospital, wishing you all the best hoping that your health will soon give you respite to create again soon.
    Healing Hugs Tracey x

  2. What a touching post Jannet. We lost our precious Duke thirty two years ago and I can still cry just thinking of him. I can imagine that the service was so incredibly touching. Sorry to hear that you've not been well and I do hope that things are better for you now. Such a beautiful photo too, it's easy to see just how much love you and Tammy had for each other. Take care my crafty friend x

  3. What a lovely post Jannet, and so glad you managed to go to the service. Our pets are so much part of the family, and it's so painful when we lose them. Super photo of you and your beloved Tammy, Kate x


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