2 Oct 2015

Witch's Hovel

I was honoured to be asked to be a Guest Designer this month at Mixed Media Mojo. The theme was Halloween with a twist of wings.

I decided to create this Witch's Hovel. I included an artificial tea light inside the house to give it a spooky look after dark.

I used old book pages to create the house. I cut the pages into strips and wound them around a thin skewer stick, followed by a dab glue on the edge to hold them in place. Then I carefully slid them off the skewer.I built up these little rolls to make the house. You could make all sorts of wondrous houses, the possibilities are endless. You just need to make the appropriate length rolls to fit your design

For the spooky tree I used a thick wire as the trunk and twisted strips of the book pages around it to form branches.
The witch always washes her best hat and stockings before Halloween, so they are hanging on the washing line. I used some twigs for the posts and thread for the line.

I tried my hand at drawing a few bats, and attached them to thin wires to go up behind the house to give the impression that they are flying around.

I used a signpost stamp from a Wizard of Oz stamp set by Crafty Secrets , and I also stamped a crow to sit on top of it.

I assembled it all on some thick card and then covered the ground in black flowersoft.

I hope that you like my Witch's hovel and will be inspired to make one for Halloween.



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